MDCAT Academy 2022 Scholarship

MDCAT Academy 2022 Scholarship

Good news for MDCAT 2022 candidates. MDCAT Academy has launched MDCAT 2022 Scholarships for the most deserving students. Students who cannot pay the test fee can now get it for free. This scholarship will be given to only 30 highly deserving students.

What will be in this scholarship?
In this scholarship, the selected students will get everything including all the test sessions, all the notes, tests of all the subjects ie everything that will be available on the platform of MDCAT Academy, which will be given to the selected students.

Who can apply?
All students can apply. But only those who deserve will be selected.

How to apply?
Click Here

When will the list of selected candidates be announced?
The list of selected candidates will be announced on our Facebook and Instagram pages by January 28, 2022.

Please share this information with all students.

MD of MDCAT Academy




Finally, the wait is over. Our most awaited test series is now starting from the 16th of January 2022. Registration is open, please follow the following steps to register. You can also attempt 1 free test. visit our website.

How to register for MDCAT Session 01?

STEP NO. 01: Click Here

STEP NO. 02; Click on ” Register”

STEP NO. 03; Select Session 01

STEP NO. 04: Click on ” Proceed to checkout”

STEP NO. 05: Send the payment on EASY PAISA OR JAZZ CASH

STEP NO. 06: Upload the Payment Proof & Sender details

STEP NO. 07: Complete the Billing details

STEP NO. 08: Place order

STEP NO. 09: After Approval, you will get an email

STEP NO. 10: Congratulation Enjoy the best MDCAT Test Series

Please Note: Your request will be approved from 08:00 AM to 06:00 PM (Pakistan Time)

MDCAT 2022 Improvers Tests Session 01 Schedule By MDCAT Academy

Download In PDF

Free MDCAT Mega  Mock  Test By Mdcat Academy

Free MDCAT Mega Mock Test By Mdcat Academy

Dear students, this test is available for all students. Attempt this free MDCAT Mega Mock Test by MDCAT Academy. This test will help you to get a better idea of ​​real MDCAT test by PMC. This test is designed in such a way to prepare for PMC MDCAT 2022.

How to attempt mdcat mega mock test?

To attempt this you need a mobile or computer device with strong internet conection, pen and paper for rough work. Choose a quite room or place and start your test.  


How to Start the test?

Here are simple steps follow the below steps to start your test.

1. Click Here to Register.

2. Then Click on courses.

3. Select Free MDCAT Mega Mock Test

4. Start You Free MDCAT test.

MDCAT Practice tests Session 03 Registration | 10 Chapter-wise Tests | According to PMC Pattern

MDCAT Practice tests Session 03 Registration | 10 Chapter-wise Tests | According to PMC Pattern






Dear students, Hope you all are preparing well for the MDCAT exam 2021. Here we will share the complete details about our upcoming tests so let’s start. First of all our target is MDCAT by PMC so we will follow every strategy or step that is followed by PMC for creating and conducting the MDCAT exams. It means all of our tests will be according to the PMC demand. Now PMC announces the syllabus and test pattern here below you can see.


MDCAT Test structure :


  • Total # of MCQs: 210
  • Total score: 210
  • Duration of MDCAT: 3:30 hours
  • No negative marking



PMC MDCAT Test Pattern :


  • Subject:    # of MCQs
  • 1.Biology:      68
  • 2.Chemistry:     56
  • 3.Physics:     56
  • 4.English:     20
  • 5.Logical Reasoning:     10
  • Total:     210


We will also follow the same test pattern :


Our MDCAT Practice Test  Pattern :

  • Subject:    # of MCQs
  • 1.Biology:      68
  • 2.Chemistry:     56
  • 3.Physics:     56
  • 4.English:     20
  • 5.Logical Reasoning:     10
  • Total:     210


PMC MDCAT Test Difficulty Level :

  • Level:  Percentage
  • Easy:  20
  • Moderate:  60
  • Hard:  20


Now our MDCAT Practice Test Difficulty Level :


  • Difficulty Level:  Percentage
  • Easy:  16
  • Moderate:  62
  • Hard:  22


Let’s make it more clear for you :


  • Difficulty Level:  MCQs out of 210
  • Easy:  34
  • Moderate:  130
  • Hard:  46




Now we are coming to our Practice Test Method :

Our MDCAT Practice Tests are online. At the time of the test, we will send you a link by clicking on the link your test will begin. After 03:30 hours your test will be submitted automatically and you will get your result of every wrong and correct question. At the end of the test, we will send you the complete question paper that will also include a Full Explanation. So it will clear your concepts.

Demo of Our practice tests online Attempt for free.

MDCAT Practice tests Session 03 Schedule :

MDCAT Practice tests Session 03



Download Session 03 Test Schedule 


Test Session 02 will start from 31th August, 2021. If you want to register for session 01 tests You can attempt all the previous MDCAT Practice Tests of Session 01 at any date and time you want but you have to pay Rs.500 for session 01 tests also.


Q. Now If someone can not attempt the tests at 09:00 AM then what will be the procedure of test for him/her?


Ans. Yes, We know this issue so we have made this very easy for students. Now students can attempt the test at any Date and time they want. For example, someone is not ready to attempt the test on 09/06/2021, He can attempt the test at any date he wants. This is also the same for time, If someone wants to attempt the test at 11: 00 PM he can attempt the test. We do not put restrictions on students our motive is to make MDCAT easier for students. Students are our priority.




How to Join our MDCAT Practice tests Session 03?


Students can easily Register for MDCAT Practice tests Session 03. Just Click on the below link to register.

Join Here MDCAT Tests Session 03


How much it will cost?

Rs. 500 for Full Session 03. That includes 10 Chapter-wise tests.


How to Pay Rs.500?


You can pay from Bank, Easy paisa, or Jazz cash. Below is the Name and Account Number.

Account Type: Easy Paisa


Account Number: 03089365376 


Can I submit the fee from Bank to Easy paisa ?

Yes, you can submit fees from Bank to Easy paisa

Important :

After sending your fee. Then please send your name, Gmail ID and the payment screenshot to our academy WhatsApp number  03089365376 .


Now Submit your fee today and get access to all practice tests online and also get in PDF format.

Join Here MDCAT Tests Session 03